Objectives of the Organization:

1. Promoting education to all sections of the society at national and international level

2. To start kindergartens, pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary schools, colleges and technical schools, colleges and training centers, educational research centers.

3. To provide scholarships to students studying in all categories like primary, secondary, higher secondary at national and international level.

4. To give due recognition to the individuals and organizations who have done remarkable work by organizing workshops for all the individuals and organizations working in the educational, social and economic fields.

5. To establish a library and publish literature, various books, magazines, newspapers and literature on various subjects.

6. To give appropriate help to the weaker sections of the society on the occasion of national festivals and ceremonies by celebrating the anniversaries and anniversaries of all great men / national heroes / great personalities.

7. To provide appropriate assistance in case of emergency.

8. To provide kindergarten, primary, secondary school and dormitory for children suffering from cancer and AIDS, as well as medical treatment for people suffering from cancer and AIDS And to make every effort and help for rehabilitation, facilitate various types of computer education, e.g. Diploma as well as Degree in Computer Science etc. Free guidance programs to create awareness about yoga in the society.

9. To organize. Free de-addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities, as well as youth. 

10. Organizing free welfare programs, Health and hygiene etc. for various sections of the society. To provide free guidance on programs, to provide complete housing for the elderly in the community as well as to start free old age homes for the elderly. 

11. Provide free shelter for homeless and abandoned, widowed, divorced women, as well as free guidance on rehabilitation of such women.

12. Free guidance to women and girls on domestic violence, women’s law through experts, handicrafts, cooking, embroidery etc. 

13. Provide free expert guidance on water conservation programs such as ‘Pani Adwa Pani Jirwa’ in drought prone areas, provide farmers with unconventional energy sources e.g. Solar, wind energy, biogas, biodiesel etc. Provide free guidance through experts for information and understanding. Launch of fodder and water camps for charitable purposes to save livestock in drought prone areas.

14. Providing ambulances for the needy, Naturopathy etc. Free provision of special health services, setting up of hospitals, Cataract surgery etc.

15. To create awareness in the society about blood donation, to conduct free eye check-ups and camps.

16. To create awareness in the society about organ donation.

17. Organizing sports competitions of various outdoor sports to promote sportsmanship, to help the poorest budding players in the society.

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