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The main objective of the Global Scholars Foundation is to give due recognition to individuals and organizations who have done outstanding work in various fields around the world and to make their work known nationally and internationally.

We are aiming to start a Global Business Institute in next 2 years which will allow our next generation to start their own business while learning, we believe in entrepreneurship and not in employment, we will educate everyone to start their own business for that we will be giving our mentor-ship as well as initial funding and to do so.

We are finding such professional Individuals and organizations working all around the world to build a network so their Experiences reach out to the Students.

We are inviting individuals and organizations to nominate for Bhartiya Ratna Award in 11 categories, the selected candidates will get a silver medal and certificate, and a chance to be a part of our future projects like Business University.

Donations will be taken from the Selected individuals and Organizations and by using the money received in the form of donations through these esteemed individuals and organizations scholarships will be given to the students studying in various fields around the world and directing their academic life. we will be providing scholarships to 1 lakh students within 1 year.

Previous Events

Event Goa – Bhartiya Ratna Puraskar

Event Goa – Bhartiya Ratna Puraskar

Event Pune – Global Diamond Award

Event Indore – Bhushan Puraskar

On Occasion of Indian Independence Day - Bhartiya Ratna Awards 2023

The Bhartiya Ratna Award is to be given by the hands of the Padma Shri award winner from the Government of India !​

Nominations Invited for State Level Bhushan Award

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. Therefore the only duty of the teacher is to remove all obstructions from the way. Hands off! as I always say, and everything will be right. That is, our duty is to clear the way. The Lord does the rest.

…Swami Vivekanand

Bhartiya Ratna Awards Ceremony on Occasion of 26th January, Goa

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