Mr. Sunil Belgave


Global Business Institute

In the current circumstances, education is essential for development and advancement. All development accomplishments, from scientific advances and agronomic improvements to efficient government administration and private sector growth, are made possible by the human mind. We can’t say that a final-year graduate is unfit in certain fields; he must unlock the human mind’s maximum potential. Education is the most effective weapon for achieving this. Parents have extremely high expectations of their children, but this is not the reality.

We can see that a student who has completed his final year is hampered in a variety of ways. He is not really perfect at executing the work he’s being assigned. In fact, a student who has been in education for 21 to 25 years does not have a particularly developed mind or brain. The science of brain development shows that learning needs to be encouraged early and often, both inside and outside of the formal schooling system. He has spent precious years of his life educating himself and has been identified as a “Without Experience” or “Fresher” candidate; with this label, he is required to take another 5 years of experience and end up wasting his valuable time. In this way, after spending 30 years on his life’s journey, he finds himself speechless, with No Returns in hand. What a surprising turn of events. Who is to blame in this case – the candidate, the parent, or our education system? This educational system requires improvement. Although the country has been independent for 75 years, there is still much room for progress and growth in this system and field. 

Time is the most valuable asset in one’s life. For example, a person can be met with an accident in a split second, miss a train or bus in a minute, a week is valued when a person writes a weekly magazine, a mother understands the importance of one month passing when her child is in her womb and a year is better understood by a student who has failed his exams. So, value time for a better way of life.

Without blaming anyone, we must actively participate in the educational field; one must educate college students in order for them to complete their education and become good citizens of India. In response to this scenario, we established the “Global Scholars Foundation“. By establishing this foundation, we will be ready to launch our institute, “Global Business Institute” in every state across India. After passing the SSC exam, the student will be admitted to our institute for 11th grade without having to pay any fees. During his first year, the student’s interest in a particular stream/field/business will be assessed. After confirming his interest, we will investigate the state of his concerned business at the taluka, district, state, and country levels in order to make him globally seamless. 

In the second year, this student will take his education and go into the industry to start his own business at the ground level customer. To establish his own business setup, the institute will provide him with proper guidance in terms of land, capital, and manpower, so he will not have to rely on anyone. Similarly, he must attend the institute for four years in order to learn ethical, cultural values and standards and to complete his education. In this manner, he will complete his five-year term, hire 50 to 100 unemployed people, expand his business, and continue living a peaceful life. In the future, he can become a successful businessman, a responsible citizen, and a nationalist who can contribute to India’s development and serve his own country; Global Scholars Foundation is working hard to achieve this goal. It is my humble request that you all initiate and contribute to our plan, which will assist us in laying the groundwork for developing future Indian citizens. It will also drive their employability, productivity, health, and well-being in the coming decades, ensuring the prosperity of their communities and nations. Thank you very much! WELCOME to all…Be Smart but Be Scholar is the need.

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